Welcome Home

Dear Outliers, Outcasts, Rebels, Healers, Visionaries and those of you on the Leading Edge,

This Society was created just for you.

The ONLY requirement for joining is that you really want a better way, for yourself and the world, and you are willing to do what it takes.

An e-book is currently being written about how to start your own Joy-Based Living group, or how to join one of ours. It will be available (and probably free) for all Society members. If you want to be the first to know when it’s ready, please subscribe to receive our email newsletter.

Home is . . . 

The Freedom to Love and be Loved.

A place where Empathy and Power can co-exist.

A society where Wisdom and Joy can flourish!

Our World

As an empowered woman, when you look around the world, what do you see?

I see many people and possibilities. I see so much beauty.

And yet, I also see people feeling lonely, including other empowered women! Which really makes no sense at all!

I see many talented and gifted women who would really love to shine, but who aren’t sure how, or what it will take.

I see others who are in flight and who want to fly higher, but aren’t sure where to find the support of other, like-minded people, people who can fly higher along with them.

And then… there are those women who soar, inspiring everyone else to fly higher, to feel really and truly ALIVE!

I believe each and every human being on the planet is born to soar.

And I believe we are here to soar together!!!

I dream of a world where every single person feels so good, so at home in themselves and at home in the world, that we all take flight, naturally, authentically and powerfully. Flying as high as we’d like. With others. Co-existing in JOY!

Would you like to live in such a world? Would you like to help sculpt such a world?

“Women everywhere comprise the collective womb in which a new kind of human being, a new paradigm for humanity, and a new way forward into the future is being created.

Women hold the keys to a new reality by valuing process over product, relationship over power, empathy over rationality and interconnection over individuality.”

~ Jean Houston

We Can Do It, One Small Group at a Time

The Society of Empowered Women (SEW) intends to help you become fluent in Languages of Well-Being by showing you specific ways to:

  • recognize the embodied sensations which reflect how you speak to yourself and value yourself
  • upgrade how you communicate with others and value others
  • supercharge your ability to join with others, especially those who share the values of well-being and joy
  • navigate your future with more clarity as you step forward with grace, power and the beauty of imperfection!

At SEW, we accomplish this by bringing together small groups of women, in private online forums and on group calls, to learn and practice fluency in Languages of Well-Being.  Within a context of support, you will have an encouraging community to both face your challenges and celebrate your successes.

SEW is not trying to reach everyone or just anyone. It is for women who are ready to create such a world for THEMSELVES. To do this, basic skills and commitments must already exist (see Join page). And a new set of skills must be acquired.

Small Groups + Solid Structure = POWER

At SEW, through our small and powerfully-structured Joy-Based-Living groups, you will learn Languages of Well-Being, and you will stand in the world as Who You Really Are with the support of other women who can speak the same language.

With these women, you will learn to become a mirror for your very best selves and create a space for your very best possibilities to emerge.  You will be part of a special group of women who are committed to Joy-based Living and who will stand with each other through the many facets of navigating the journey of life. As a result, you will have a powerful, resource-rich structure for your relationships that will be able to withstand the test of time.

With JOY and WELL-BEING as our primary intention, the LOVE that we ARE will enhance the lives of others and we can co-create a new world for ourselves and others.

As each small group of women come together to create such a truly sacred space for themselves and each other, the “ripple effects” going out into our communities will be substantial . . . and I am SO looking forward to seeing what emerges!!!

Please feel free to explore this website to better acquaint yourself with what SEW is about, and to see if it’s the right place for you. If it is, then . . . Welcome Home.